Here’s what a few of our donors and fans have shared about PENNY’s importance in your lives:


• It's not every day that we get a chance to give something back to people like Penny. She's been behind me every step of the way since my spinal cord injury in 1998. When I decided to go to law school, Penny was among the dissenting voices who encouraged me to pursue a very difficult path to independence.  Josh


• Penny has been a great friend to Seth especially mentoring him during his Boalt law school days.   Seth’s dad Steve


• I not only ADORE Penny, I owe everything to her as I am one of the women criminal defense lawyers whose trail she blazed. Nanci


• What I adore is PENNY’s adroit advocacy through my periodic adult/juvenile delinquent incidents. She staunchly believes that anyone who would prosecute me, simply didn’t get the joke.   Marcia

AuthorElizabeth Sher