Elizabeth Sher

Bay Area director Elizabeth Sher’s work in film has followed the arc of her life: starting with a satire on toilet training (The Training © 1979) while trying to train one of her children to the baby boomers and cosmetic surgery (Younger, Thinner, Smoother © 2000) to one woman's path to creative living in her 70's (BELLA BELLA © 2007).   

PENNY the documentary continues Sher's interest in art, women and healthy aging - celebrating the life of Penny Cooper - a trail blazing role model who built her successful, full and creative life and whose favorite word is still "fabulous" - she is too! 

PENNY received a 2014 Fleishhacker Grant and is the 2012 1st Place Winner of the Roy W. Dean Grant for Film. Sher's films have been honored at film festivals and have aired on TV nationally and internationally. She has received grants from the NEA, The American Film Institute, the Pioneer Foundation and more.  Elizabeth Sher is Professor Emeritus from California College of the Arts.

More about Elizabeth Sher at www.ivstudios.com.